Best Motocross Boots Under $300

Best Motocross Boots Under $300

Best Motocross Boots Under $300

Buying good quality motocross boots for under $300 is no easy task at all on the contrary it can be quite frustrating. You need to know about the construction, materials used for the boots. So, picking the right boots when you’re on a budget is very tricky because there are many companies that have hundreds of options to choose from. That’s why we created this buying guide for you, when you finish reading it you will learn a lot of new stuff about motocross boots.

The best motocross boots under $300 are:

  • O’Neal Sierra Pro
  • Alpinestars Tech 5
  • Fox Racing Comp R
  • Gaerne GX-1
  • Fly Racing FR5

O’Neal Sierra Pro

One of the oldest motocross apparel company in the US. They manufacture and distribute every kind of apparel, special parts, and accessories for motocross races for five decades.

From humble beginnings back in the 1970’s Jim O’Neal saw the demand for special parts in the motocross industry and so Jim O’Neal Distributing Inc. was born. Today 50 years later the company has over 12,000 products and nearly 7,000 retail stores around the world. Also, much of the company apparels are made with custom fabrics and that allows the rider to remain cool and dry.

These boots are made for the off-road-savvy touring driver. The Sierra Pro are 100% waterproof, and also offer sufficient safety and comfortable fit.

When I tried the Sierra Pro for myself it was so lightweight, very comfortable, it was very easy to put it on and off and my foot was warm and dry. Another good feature is that the footbed comes with anti-sweat treatment and can be replaced.

The construction of the boot is grain leather and there is also a mixture of microfiber which is a very durable material and very lightweight too. On the inside, you have a nylon sole with a steel shank so that’s adding to the rigidity and support of the boot itself. Checking the medial side of the boot on the top of it the boot has suede material. And the front of the boot has a very big shim plate that’s TPU. Now when it comes to the sole the Sierra Pro has a molded sole which is a very grippy material, it has a lug pattern, which helps a lot if you spend some time off the bike and walking around.

Now when it comes to protection the Sierra Pro is not the best choice. There is stiff leather on the toe area, which is some kind of protection but it’s not soft as it is in hiking boots. Also, there is no ankle protection, on the outside, there is a little bit of hard plastic, but it is something to be mindful of if youre doing some more aggressive off-road riding.




-Very comfortable


-Doesn’t have good protection for toe and ankle support

Alpinestars Tech 5

Nobody imagined that Alpinestars would become one of the giants in the motorcycle industry. Founded in 1963 in Asolo, Italy, Alpinestars was first making footwear for skiers and mountaineers.

Today one of the specialties Alpinestars stands out is their gloves and boots. The quality is found in every one of their products starting from off-road boots up to urban footwear.

Another thing this company stands out is also its waterproof and thermal garments, which is the company experience from its technical mountain materials.

In the wake of the highly successful and iconic Tech 10 and Tech 7, here we got the new Tech 5 off-road boot which comes in a handful of colors.

The Tech 5 fits right in the middle of Alpinestars lineup like the boot is made by taking the DNA from the Tech 7 package it, make it more attainable and so the Tech 5 was made. So the Tech 5 is more like the Tech 7 than it is like the Tech 3, its some sort of new school style off-road boot.

What I like about this boot is it has a lot of cool features that are built-in. The boot is very comfortable, the toe box on the Tech 5 is nice and wide, so for people with wider feet, this boot will accommodate them well.

When it comes to the construction of the boot Alpinestars are using a couple of different materials. On the upper part the boot has microfiber and on the construction overtop of the boot there is a lot of hard TPU. But on the toe box, they use material that Alpinestars calls it action leather.

Around to the back of the boot around the heel cup area, there is also hard TPU, and on the medial side there is also lots of hard TPU wrapping itself around, and then working its way up. Alpinestars buckles are one of the best, they are very simple to operate and are replaceable.

On the inside, the boot has an EVA footbed that is removable and replaceable.

Another good thing about this boot is the sole. The boot has a one-piece foot shell that is a dual compound composition. On the bottom, the boot has a rubber compound that Alpinestars uses it and gives a very good grip on the footpegs. There is also a steel shank that adds to the rigidity of the sole. And Alpinestars will replace the sole for you, and that helps a lot to the longevity and the durability.

Pros:                                                                      Cons:

Very comfortable                                    Not much support and protection

Light boot

Extremely durable

Fox Racing Comp R

Fox Racing was founded by Geoff Fox in Campbell California in 1974. Since then Fox racing grew to become a global leader in providing products for motocross and enduro riders that perform well.

The company has researched and developed motocross apparel from helmets, boots, gloves, they make everything, even at one time before Fox Racing developed and made engines for Yamaha. Their products are endorsed by world-class riders such as Tim Gajser, Chad Reed, Ricky Carmichael, Jet Lawrence are some among many others.

Fox Racing Comp R boots were designed and manufactured in such a way to provide maximum support and comfort. When Fox made this boot, they also wanted to make it had a similar fit and feel as the Fox Instinct, which is known for being a very comfortable boot and had little to zero break-in time, and now you get the same with the Comp R boot.

I have a wider foot so when I tried the Comp R, I had plenty of room, plenty of width in the toe box. With this boot, there are a lot of features similar to the Instinct as Fox took a lot of the features from the Instinct and they built into the Comp R.

On the front of the boot on the toe box, there is a lot of hard molded plastic, then on top, there is a massive shim plate. The boot on the medial side is very flat and that allows you as a rider good contact with the bike when you ride. Also, on the medial side, Fox uses DURATEC material, which they use it too on the Instinct. DURATEC is a very durable abrasion-resistant material to rubber. The sole of the boot also uses DURATEC which makes the sole very grippy of the footpegs.

Comp R has two lower buckles which again are very similar to the Instinct, and its same buckle design, while the straps are more of a ball-and-socket design.

What is unique about the Comp R, is that if you’re familiar with the entry-level Comp boots, they have two large silicone straps which Fox calls it Active Lock technology, well with the Comp R you have one large silicone strap, on the top. Fox did this because they wanted riders to have free movement with the shim plate so it won’t bind. I have these boots and I can say from my experience that this silicon strap is pretty durable. Another good thing about the strap is that riders with larger calves or if you wear knee braces on the silicone strap you have adjustability, so you can pop the straps off the inside and you can move them, so you can adjust the sizing to make sure you get the fit that you need or want to.

Inside there is plenty of padding, very little hill flow, and there is antibacterial moisture. Fox doesn’t use Velcro on the Comp R as well.

On the back, there is a lot of hard plastic, and then a bit more down there is as Fox calls it, floating cuff design, and this separate piece allows you good flexibility.

Pro’s:                                                                                                  Con’s

Very comfortable                                                                 Can’t remove interior of the boot

Zero heel lift

Full shin, toe, calf, and heel protection

Gaerne Gx-1 boot

When Ernesto Gazzola founded Gaerne in 1962, they were making only exclusively sport shoes. But in 1977, Ernesto’s son who was a big fan of motorsport initiated producing motocross boots. And for over 40 years the production of motocross boots has become one of the priority areas for Gaerne.

What’s more special about Gaerne is that all shoes are made exclusively in Italy, using genuine leather and high-quality fittings. So, with all this in mind, it comes as no surprise that Gaerne is considered as one of the world’s most popular motorcycle footwear manufacturers.

What I personally love about the GX-1 and not just this boot but all boots that come from Gaerne is that they are manufactured in Italy, and the quality and durability of their boots is second to none.

When it comes to the GX-1 Gaerne uses the same high-quality leather and plastics that they use in their premium model SG12.

On the toe box of the GX-1, there is lots of hard plastic, then a very big shin plate which is quite good, and I love it, and then on the front of the boot, there is a steel toe cap, which Gaerne has been using for very long time. The steel toe cap is removable but the actual purpose of it is so that you won’t delaminate the sole. If you’re a rider that’s going to kick rocks or touch the ground while riding, this steel toe cap will prevent from dealing amity on the sole.

On the medial side of the boot on the top, there is a burn guard made from high-quality leather, and as we go down there is a tongue and groove system, which offers a little bit more lateral rigidity, to the boot, and that offers more protection and support for the rider’s ankle. The back of the GX-1 has a reinforced heel which is going to give good shock absorption and good impact protection for the heel.

Gaerne GX-1 has 4 alloy buckle which is replaceable, and what I personally love is that Gaerne uses the same buckle designs as they do in their premium model SG12. Also, the top 2 buckles are adjustable so you can adjust them depending on your calf size, in order to properly fit.

On the sole Gaerne, as they usually do on all of their models, they have traditional stitching on the sole. The sole rubber material is very grip and also is replaceable.

Inside the GX-1 you’ve got a nice moisture-wicking liner, and on the ankle side, the boot has padding.

Pros:                                                                                       Cons:

-High-quality materials                                -They are not waterproof

Very comfortable and light

-Good protection

Fly Racing Fr5 boots

Established in 1998 Fly Racing made its name first by manufacturing handlebars and helmets for the motocross industry. After the early success, Fly Racing began expanding its product line which included accessories, parts, and apparel.

Today Fly Racing grew so big so that among riders is known as the company that provides good quality at affordable prices.

When it comes to the FR5 when I tried it the boot felt so light and comfortable and it fits true to size. Since I have wider feet what I loved about the Fr5 is it had a wide toe box so I could accommodate really well with this boot. One thing I have to say is when I had the Fr5 on there was a lot of foam around the ankle area which adds to the comfort of the boot, but I felt a bit of heel float, which means I just feel like my heels are lifting off the insole.

The construction of the boot consists of a lot of hard TPU, which helps with the impact protection, then there is a large molded shim plate. On the back of the boot, there is again a lot of hard TPU going on so it can be impact protection for the calf area.

FR5 offers really good protection, on the medial and lateral side of the boot it has a biomechanical hinge system, which does two things. First, it offers really good lateral support for good rigidity, secondly it helps with flexibility.

For the buckle design, Fly Racing has put four buckles, which work very simply, and are replaceable.

Very unique about the FR5 is their fishtail system. Underneath the insole and midsole there you have fishtail, which is made from plastic, and its job is to absorb some of the vibration that is coming from the dirt bike through the footpegs into the boot. There the boot has steel shanks, which offer more support and rigidity to the sole. There is plenty of grip on the sole and a pretty good peg feel.

What To Look For When Buying Motocross Boots

Every rider has a different riding style, preferences on what is important when choosing motocross boots but we want to offer our opinion on what’s best to look for when choosing your new motocross boots.


On the protection level, you should know that motocross boots are on a higher spectrum. But then again it’s up to you how much protection you want. Simply said don’t go for the cheapest option available, since the shorter the boot the less protection you get.

That’s why it’s important to not miss the look at the protection of the boot since it’s going to protect your foot, ankle, and shin and also withstand any blow that can happen.


When buying new boots it’s good to educate yourself on the materials used for the boot. Because not all boots are made equal, so which materials are used to how the boot hold can have a huge impact also on your safety.

Also, you should look for is can the parts like buckles, toe slider, soles, insoles be replaced. Is the sole glued or snitched? This is what you should look for when choosing new motocross boots.


How often you will use the boots, is determined by the comfort of it. So you want motocross boots in which you feel good. But also the more protection your boot has the less comfortable it will be when you walk around and not riding.


There are so many types of motocross boots and so many brands to go along with it that it can be an overwhelming decision to choose just one. Hopefully, this article has helped ease that decision a bit for you.

For me, the best motocross boots under $300 is the Gaerne GX-1 boot, its made in Italy, quality is unquestionable one of the best, and to be honest, it looks quite cool with the steel toe cap on the front of it.






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