5 Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200 (2022 Guide & Review)

A bike helmet is a kind of helmet used by bike riders when they are in action. These helmets are essential to motorcycle riders as they provide safety to the rider’s head in case of an accident. The helmet helps minimize 69 % of head injuries and 42 % risk of death.

It is a compulsory requirement by laws in several countries that every motorcycle rider should have a helmet. Motorcycle accidents are primarily catastrophic when riders or passengers do not put on their helmets.

In the current market full of motorbikes, you will come across various helmets with different specifications. Most of the helmets are made of polystyrene foam that helps absorb the shock of a severe impact. Also, its outer layer is made up of hard plastic to protect the motorcycle rider’s head from severe head injuries resulting from friction in an accident. Different manufacturers have different ways of modifying their helmets. For example, there exist helmets that protect the whole chin and those that do not. Some helmets also offer additional advantages such as face shields, ear protection, ventilation, and sun visors.

Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200:


GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOTCheck On Amazon
ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet Check On Amazon
AHR H-VEN20 DOT OffCheck On Amazon
O’Neal 0200-S14 2Series Adult HelmetCheck On Amazon
ILM Adult ATV Motocross Off-Road Street Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon

 GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet

This product features in the list as one of the top 5 dirt bike helmets under $200.The robust lightweight boasts of the fact that it is elastic. This feature ensures that the helmet fits perfectly to your head. It also provides ultimate absorption in case of profound impact on the helmet. This trait makes this helmet an ideal product for your motorbike. The excellent helmet is also characterized by an elastic liner material that covers the chin. The high-quality material ensures that the absorption rate on the impact is tremendous.

Product design

The GLX unisex GX623 has an aerodynamic shell, including a complicated cooling system. The cooling system helps you drive while wearing a helmet, even in a hotter environment. The system is comprised of exhaust vents and 14 intakes to ensure that the airflow into the helmet is adequate. It also exhibits an excellent multi-density EPS liner for a faster and more efficient cooling system throughout the helmet. GLX is designed with several advanced features to enhance its safety; quick-release chin trap, aluminum protective screen, mouth guard, replaceable and washable microfiber. These characteristics ensure that your helmet is highly functional and takes your safety to another level.


This product is made of lightweight components that allow your head to accommodate its weight and not distract your riding posture. The shatter-resistant visor enhances ultimate vision while driving. This provides a secure opening with a large field of view to allow the rider to see a wide area while driving. Also, the microfiber in the helmet helps supply uniformity of functionality, style as well as safety.


Model number: GX623-MLC-M

Product weight: 2.75 pounds

Item dimensions: 11.4 x 14.2 x 10 inches

Manufacturer: GLX


  • The package comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacture
  • A bonus on the package includes; goggles, gloves, and helmet bag.
  • This is a unisex helmet, and it’s, therefore, suitable for both boys and girls.
  • This product is strong enough to last for a long time


  • The helmet fits most of the riders but not all the riders.

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ILM Off-Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

ILM Off-Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet is designed with a high-quality ABS shell, making it even lighter for comfortability. The shell is also compact and robust to optimal protection of the riders’ heads. The product crows of being a top-quality helmet having met the FMSS-218 and DOT standards. Furthermore, the helmet exhibits a removable inner lining and several air vents, ensuring comfortable and breathable wearing conditions.

Product design

For a more efficient ride, ILM Off-Road is designed with an advanced adjustable sun visor. The sun visor rotates up and down to allow riders to adjust the shield to block the bright sunlight and hence maximum safety on the road. Just like GLX, ILM also attributes the quick release buckle. The buckle found under the chin helps the riders put on and take on their helmets without any difficulty. Moreover, the quick-release buckle allows the helmet wearers to tighten their helmets, making them fit and compact. Besides being used by dirt bike riders, ILM is suits, motocross, ATV, motorcycle, street bike, dual sports, mountain bike touring, and other riding activities.


The light aluminum shell provides a relative balance weight on the head and shoulders, making It an ideal helmet for you as a rider. The lightweight allows even those of younger age to wear it since it is accommodative. The item can be found in four different sizes to ensure that everybody finds the perfect helmet for their ride. The four sizes are large, medium, small, and extra small. The advanced inner lining of the product is designed flexibly to make it washable and removable.


Helmet type: dirt / dual sport

Material: ABS

Certification: DOT

Product dimension: 11.25 x 14.8 x 11 inches

Manufacturer number: CN911-MB-XL-CA

Motorbike service type: UTV, ATV


  • The item is made of a super-strong outer layer, enhancing its durability
  • It is a unisex product and therefore suits both men and women
  • A two-year warranty from its manufacturer accompanies the ILM helmet


  • The company’s warranty is not active after two years from the purchase date

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AHR H-VEN20 DOT Off-Road Dirt Bike Helmet

AHR H-VEN20 DOT Outdoor is certified with all the DOT safety measures ensuring that your safety is guaranteed .on the same note, it offers an excellent sunshade shelter making it an ideal helmet ATV motocross, dirt bike, and more. Wearing this helmet while riding your bike feels safer since it Is made of a comfortable and lightweight ABS shell. It is also designed with a high density and a thick EPS liner which guarantees comfortability and better protection on the road.

Product design

The complicated ventilation system ensures that sufficient airflow lowers the helmet’s temperature while riding your bike comfortably. The manufacturer offers excellent customer service if you ever need your lining and the whole ventilation system, in general, to be changed. The quick-release buckle is highly adjustable to allow the rider to put on and off the head. The adjustable chin located on the chin is also adjustable to increase or reduce the length to fit different heads. Moreover, this strap help keep your head in an upright position for a comfortable ride.


AHR H-VEN20boasts of a strong liner and cheek pad that is easily washable and removable. This feature makes this product an easy-to-wash helmet using little soap water only. Additionally, the item is highly pocket-friendly, saving you a lot of money on a quality product. Also, the helmet provides a wide viewing area to allow full coverage of the road when driving hence safety on the road.


Product service type: ATV and UTV, Dirt Bike, Off-Road Bike

Helmet weight: 3.68 pounds

Product dimensions: 10.6 x 9.8 x 14 inches

Age range: adult


  • More compact and light for its portability
  • Available in four amazing colors to suit your preference


  • The item suits adult people only, excluding the young ones.

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O’Neal 0200- S14 2 Series Adult Helmet

O’Neal is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and its gears, apparel, parts, and accessories that offer absolute comfort, protection ad quality while riding. The O’Neal 0200 is made up of a lightweight ABS shell, ensuring that your head stays in an upright posture every time you are riding.

Product design

The lightweight helmet weighs 1450 grams, a perfect weight your head and shoulder can easily accommodate. The inner lining in the helmet Is highly flexible, allowing the rider to remove and wash the padded liner easily. It also features an advanced cooling system containing multiple air vents for sufficient air circulation. This feature helps cool the temperatures in the helmet for a comfortable and safe ride. Furthermore, O’Neal 0200-S14 2 exhibits top quality attributes for absolute protection. These qualities are; robust nose guard, double chin strap, and adjustable visor.


The top-quality product has multi-colored coated graphics making it an ideal helmet, providing ultimate protection and better looks. The package comes with additional items in the kit; race-inspired stylings, sleek, and the two-series helmet.


Item weight: 3.23 pounds

Product dimensions: 12 x 11 x 16 inches

Brand: O’Neal

Helmet model number: 0200-S14


  • The package includes an additional two-series helmet slick.


  • It is not a unisex item, and it, therefore, does not suit the ladies

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ILM Adult ATV Motocross Off-Road Street Dirt Bike

This is yet another product from ILM stores. This company is the leading manufacturer of dirt bike helmets in the world. ILM Adult ATV Motocross boasts of the advanced ABS shell designed with lightweight materials for a safer ride on the road. It also exhibits a robust and soft EPS inner liner for maximum impact absorption at times of accidents. This product attains the required safety DOT measures ensuring the absolute safety of the rider on the road.

Product design

ILM has a sleek aerodynamic, which is essential for its speedy nature, making it one of the top 5 dirt bike helmets in 2022. The top-rated helmet has a back and front air vent that allows maximum air circulation when riding. In addition, the visor can be removed when it is not needed. But the visor is as vital as any component in the helmet. It helps the rider see a large field of view even when at a higher speed.


The detachable sun visor offers protection to the rider against stronger rays from the sun. However, when the sun is not there, you can remove it. It is possible to rotate the sun visor up and down depending on the direction of the sunlight. The removable cheek pad is soft and can be easily washed, and reduces wind noise when riding.


Department: unisex

package dimensions: 28.45 x 27.69 x 37.59 cm

Product weight: 1.98 kg


  • Suits both genders
  • Suits several riding activities such as dirt bike, motocross, touring, street bike dual sport, and others


  • This product is only for adults

Check price on Amazon

Tips on how to choose the best dirt bike helmets

Looking for some of the factors to consider before purchasing a dirt bike helmet? Well, some of the factors you have to consider are;

 Size and weight of the helmet

Well, first things first, you have to contemplate the helmet size that you want to purchase. Typically, dirt bike helmets are available in four different sizes; large, medium, small, and extra small. So before purchasing a dirt bike helmet, it is advisable to try all the available sizes for a perfectly fitting size. On the other hand, weight also plays a significant role here. The recommended weight limits for frequent riders are between 1400-1800 grams. We advise you not to settle for heavier helmets as they ruin your riding position and also can cause neck and back pains as well.


Due to the materials used to make the helmet, the helmet’s temperature continually rises when riding. Hence, ventilation is an ideal factor to examine when buying a dirt helmet. A well-ventilated helmet help cool the temperatures in the helmet hence providing a comfortable riding condition. Even though the definition of ventilation is different t many people, the most important thing is; it’s better to have a more ventilated helmet.

 Shape and design

Motorcycle riders have different tastes when it comes to the shape of the dirt helmet. One man’s meat is indeed another’s poison. You will find that a helmet that fits you perfectly will look either loose or trim to your friend. This goes without saying that the helmet’s shape is as important as its size. Most manufacturers have carved their brand to make sure that the helmets fit a good number of riders out there. Design is not as important as shape. You can customize a perfectly selected helmet to a design of your choice.


Looks may not be a key factor, but trust me is essential when looks are concerned. No one would wish to purchase a helmet that would make them ugly. Almost everyone wants to look good, even when on a motorbike. On the contrary, you should not prefer looks over safety. Therefore, you should consider a helmet that looks good on you but provides ultimate safety while driving.

 Overall safety

Lastly, the essential factor in the riding industry is the safety of the riders. It is essential to consider the safety condition of every helmet that you wish to purchase. It is, therefore, necessary to go for a helmet from creditable brands that honor all the safety standards.

 Advantages of dirt bike helmets


Protection to injuries

Most of the riders do not like wearing a helmet claiming that it makes them uncomfortable, but the truth is a helmet offers protection to the head and skull in case of a severe accident. The solitary purpose of the helmet is to ensure the safety of every rider and passenger. Research has it that most people dying from motorbike accidents do not wear their helmets. While riding a two-wheeler, it is advisable to wear a well-conditioned helmet for absolute safety.

 Weather protection

Helmets are offer injury protection only, but they also ensure safety against bad weather. Helmets are helpful in various rough weather conditions like; when it’s too cold or heavy rains, brisk winds. A good helmet helps you ride comfortably in those conditions. These are some of the safety measures that you should think of when wearing a helmet while driving.

 Helmets with GPS

The dynamic changes in technology show that the current generation of motorbikes is even safer. There are different types of helmets with advanced technology with an inbuilt GPS in the market. These advanced helmets help you find the exact location of where you are and where you are heading. These types of helmets also enable you to know the location of your bike in case it’s rented or stolen. This feature is an essential factor for people who have invested in the motorbike renting business as it helps them track their assets.

 Responsible civilian

Being a responsible civilian is when you follow the rules and regulations stipulated by the country’s laws. It is compulsory and within the law to wear a helmet while riding a motorbike. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike ensures your safety and reputation in the country as a good civilian.


Helmets are so essential when riding your bike. Finding a perfect helmet in a world full of helmets is not a walk in the park. This review outlined some of the top 5 dirt bike helmets under $200 that will suit you. Just go for a helmet that meets your standards.



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