Best Dirt Bike Pants For Women 2022 (Ultimate Guide + Top Picks)

Dirt bike riding isn’t a sport for just men; we are seeing women getting into it for adventure and fun. When venturing into it, whether it’s on track or trails, the first thing to figure out is what riding gear to invest in. 

Ideally, dirt bike racing involves high speeds. It’s important to choose the right gear that keeps you comfortable and safe in the course of racing. Do women really need dirt bike pants? Yes.

In our post, we’ll look at the best dirt bike pants for women. In addition to seeing the list, there’s a buyer guide section that reveals the factors to consider before you get started. 

Top Dirt Bike Pants for Women (5 Picks)


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O’Neal Element Women’s Racewear Hi VizCheck On Amazon
O’Neal Women’s Element Classic PantCheck On Amazon
Fox Racing Legion LTCheck On Amazon
Answer Racing Syncron PantsCheck On Amazon

Choosing the right gear can be a challenge. Luckily for you, here we’ll take you through our top recommendations after many hours of research, testing, and deliberations.

1. Fox Racing 180 Women’s Pants – Fyce

Key Features

  • Rider Attack Position Construction
  • Designed for women
  • 600D dyed polyester fabric material
  • Hip pads included
  • Heat and abrasion-resistant leather knee panels

The Fox Racing 180 pant is designed specifically for women. It matches well with the 180 Jersey to fit the female body and strikes a balance between motocross comfort and style.

Featuring the ‘Rider Attack Position (RAP) construction, this safety gear boosts ergonomic fit on the bike in any riding position. So you’ll enjoy a more natural feel on the bike.

Thankfully, the pants are made from a top-quality 600D polyester for longevity and a long-lasting aesthetic. Alongside that, its heat and leather knee panels in the interior keep you protected and safe from any aspects, including heat and abrasion.

Plus, this increases durability against knee guards, braces, and the bike itself. The product is available in different sizes and colors; you only need to pick the one that meets your riding needs.


  • The top quality material (polyester) makes it durable
  • Elegant design and long-lasting good looks
  • It enhances comfortability in any riding position
  • Hip pads included keeps the rider’s body secure
  • Leather reinforcement on knee guards interior promotes mobility


  • Some people find it expensive than other models

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2. O’Neal Element Women’s Racewear Hi Viz

Key Features

  • Lightweight, top quality denier fabric construction
  • Wear and tear-resistant panels, protective rubber patches
  • Fully lined
  • Stretch, more breathable panels
  • Removable, EVA foam hip included

For experienced riders, this best dirk pant for women features plenty of stretch and airflow to keep you cool in all conditions. Unlike other entry-level gears, O’Neal Hi-Viz is made from heavy-duty yet lightweight denier fabrics.

This top-grade material provides a balanced combination of protection and comfort while riding. You’ll love elastic waist with adjustable ratchet for a comfy fit.

For durability, the element comes with wear-resistant panels on; knees, set, and inside legs. And the protective rubber patches assure maximum protection in the event of accidents.

Stretch panels on the knees, front, and back of pants promote a sense of serenity and freedom of movement, while tapered legs are for a snug fit.

While sweat could be an issue to many, the fully lined panels mean more breathability. That’s not all – the removable foam hip protector is a plus for the fastest racers.

The Element line comes in a wide array of sizes and colors for you to choose from. The good news is that the ready graphics can fit your entire family.


  • The waist part is elastic and stretchable
  • Lightweight, quality material used in the making
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • It’s high-quality safety gear for riding
  • Wear-resistant panels boost durability


  • The package comes with no bag to keep other small items like a handkerchief and keys.

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3. O’Neal Women’s Element Classic Pant

Key Features

  • Classic black finish
  • Constructed with tough denier fabric
  • Features an adjustable closure system
  • Breathable, durable, and elastic material
  • Rubber patch included

At a glance, you’ll like its classic black finish among other hosts of advanced features. The heavy-duty model is uniquely designed for both novice and fastest riders at that price range.

Crafted with rigid materials, these pants will serve you all year round as you meander around and hit corners off-road. Its durability is unquestionable, so to speak.

In addition to that, the manufacturers adopt the use of denier fabric in construction to make it light in weight. This gives not only a comfortable experience but also a cool time as you clad these pants.

The wear-resistant panels are well positioned away from your bike knees to offer certified protection against abrasion and impacts. So getting into an injury is the past tense as the pants have gotten you covered.

For an added comfort, the model is fully lined, while the elastic waist allows you to perfectly fit with another jersey if there’s need be.

Since the fabric is breathable, you won’t feel clammy following the accumulation of moisture and sweat. It features an adjustable closure system, something that makes it friendly for everybody.


  • Perfect fitting for everybody
  • Ensures comfortable riding experience
  • Made from lightweight yet a durable material
  • Denier fabric and rubber patches are protective
  • The polished design gives it a nice finish


  • Expensive than other reviewed models

Check price on Amazon

4. Fox Racing Legion LT

Key Features

  • Designed with zonal stretch panels, large zipper vents, and mesh-backed logos
  • Thin legs with cargo pockets
  • 100% polyester with PU coating
  • Available in black and different sizes

These heavily stylized motocross pants from Fox Racing are roomy, comfortable, and come with first-class performance suitable for women riders. Tested by the company’s own ambassadors and athletes, the product is superior even on the roughest rides.

Unlike other motocross women’s pants, this garment comes with zonal stretch panels that allow you to move freely. The large zipper vents integrated on the legs help you control the airflow as you ride.

Better still, mesh-backed logos offer not only a long-lasting aesthetic but also more breathability. The company enjoys a good reputation for producing dynamic designs without falling short on quality and innovation.

With it, any dirk rider can carry around small items as this model has multiple storage pockets to hold essentials. Together with leather knee panels, the pants are made of 100% polyester with a PU coating. 

This proves how strong the material is even under adverse weather conditions.

If you want a match with another woman’s dork bike riding gear like a jersey or helmet, Fox Racing Legion LT will be an ideal choice for complete fitting.

While you can get these pants in different sizes 6, 8, and 10, one drawback to keep in mind is that the pants are available in black color. Nonetheless, it’s the best cheap motocross pants for women.


  • Crafted with 100% polyester, which is a strong, quality material
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Enjoys superior performance
  • Unmatched mobility
  • Has multiple pockets to store small items


  • Only available in black

Check price on Amazon

5. Answer Racing Women’s Syncron Pants

Key Features

  • Premium polyester fabrics and nylon
  • Elegant design 
  • Wear-resistant leather knee pads for additional protection
  • Waist adjusters
  • Multiple zipper pockets
  • Available in 2 colorways

A great match for any racing jersey, these racewear pants have been tailored for comfortability and high performance at a budget-friendly price. Created with a sophisticated design, this garment is engineered specifically for women.

It features both polyester fabrics and high-intensity nylon as the primary materials used for construction. So expect a high-quality model that will last longer.

Apart from freedom of movement, these pants aren’t restricting like jeans, linen, and other materials. With wear-resistant leather around the knee pads, your protection is spot on. This also provides an extra grip to female riders.

These Syncron pants wick off moisture at ease, something that keeps you cool under intense sunny conditions. And, indeed, this eliminates any discomfort associated with sweat.

Alongside the stretchable knee panels, waist adjusters allow you to manipulate your waist size up to 2 inches, thus providing a custom fit for everyone.

Like other high-end models, Answer Racing Women’s pants have an authentic, understated classic style. Plus, with multiple zipper pockets, you can carry with you small items, maps, and keys.

Every rider would want to choose the color of choice. Sadly, this pant is available in two colorways; purple and pink.

Should you not be satisfied with how it serves your riding journey, you can claim a refund from the manufacturer. There’s always a 1-year defect warranty.


  • Classic style for every rider
  • Wicks off moisture easily
  • You can control your waist size by using waist adjusters
  • Protection and comfortability while riding
  • 1-year defect warranty
  • Made of durable, high-quality materials


  • Some claim that these pants are relatively small

Check price on Amazon

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Dirt Bike Pants For Women

Choosing the best motocross pants for women involves making a lot of choices. It might be daunting to find the perfect model if you aren’t familiar with women’s gear to a large degree.

Spotting the difference between top motocross pants for women isn’t easy because of their many similarities. However, there are key factors to consider, and this way, you’ll get it right in your dirt bike riding journey.


Comfort is an obvious factor that needs your attention as it can impact your performance. Wearing pants that fit you is the key to being well-protected, comfortable, and confident on the trail. 

Keep in mind these two primary things:

  • Elasticity
  • Weight

Dirt bike riding is one of few sports associated with discomforts. When buying, choose a lightweight motorhome pant. This favorable purchase is easier to wear and move around with and won’t inconvenience your performance irrespective of excessive weight on your body. 

While choosing lightweight women’s dirt bike pants, consider picking up the models made from top-notch quality materials

Elastic is another thing you should look for in pants. It should have an adjustable waist so that you can quickly put it on and won’t fall off.

An elastic pant comfortably hugs your body without causing skin irritation. Both features (elastic and lightweight) make it more breathable.


Another factor that’s worth your concern is functionality. Hip protectors, pockets, and knee pads are definitely must-haves in dirt bike pants. 

As much as hip protectors are additional features, they help keep your hips safe in the event of an accident, something that occurs repeatedly. 

Pockets play an important role in keeping your small items such as keys, heart rate monitors, and documents safe and secure. 

That’s not all. Look out for the breathable material because it will keep you cool in cases of overheating. 


It will make no sense if you keep on buying dirt bike pants throughout the year. The quality gear should, without a doubt, go through the rigors of this sport. 

Well, Denier fabric, polyester, and nylon are the most reliable materials, which won’t wear and tear quickly. Both polyester and nylon will dry at ease yet very comfortable to wear. 

These premium materials won’t wear off easily even after a consistent hand washing. They’ll last longer, save you money, and get you going. 


The next question will be, what size should women’s motocross pants be? Choose a gear that will fit you perfectly to ensure 100% comfortability when riding. 

First thing first, measure the length from your waist to the feet plus your waist. Keep the measurements with you as you continue looking for the best fit. 

If your waist is between 27-inch and 38-inch, go with medium to extra-large size. Try out and test different gears before deciding your final pick. 

Market Research 

By any means, you should conduct proper market research prior to buying women’s motorhome pants. It might not be as simple as you think, but the earlier you get started with the process, the better. 

You can do window shopping beforehand – visit these shops in person. By doing so, you’ll get ideas regarding different models, costs, colors, and even physically test the product.

Next, you can carry out your research online. You may not be in a position to get out of your office or home to carry out the research practically, but online can come to the rescue. 

Online research isn’t straightforward as it may seem to be. Remember that not all sites are reliable when it comes to information. 

Get all the information from trusted, verified, and approved online stores. Check the authenticity of these shops too. 

Again, check out product specifications, intended use, pros, and cons. Perfect pants should possess every specification needed to boost protection and safety. 

That way, it will be easy to tell whether certain options are what you need. Some of the specifications to consider when buying motocross pants are knee guard, rubber patches, hip protections, and leather


A good dirt bike pant will feature everything you’re looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Do You Really Need Dirt Bike Pants?

The absolute answer is yes. Pants are a part of protective gear for any rider. Through their press releases, some manufacturers claim that it’s not a must to have pants. You can wear jeans, but loose ones. 

In as much as you can wear jeans, dirt bike pants offer protection and increase the level of comfort, which is of great importance as far as riding is concerned. 

Can Girls Ride Motocross?

Of course, yes. The emergence of the Women’s Motocross League is enough evidence to this. However, this league is much easier than that of men because of different bike sizes and different rules.

 Women’s race bikes range between 125cc and 250cc while men ride a 450cc. They’re not big enough to handle some bikes, but their league has the full support of professional riders all over the world.

What Should Women Wear When Riding A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bike riding is among the most demanding outdoor sports. It takes place in unfavorable areas like off-load circuits. As you meander around those hills, it’s a wise decision to wear protective gear. 

For motocross riders, the most essential gears are pants, helmet, goggles, boots, jersey, gloves, elbow and knee pads, neck brace, body armor, and more. 

Minimize your entire body’s vulnerability to any injury that may result in sudden accidents. Failure to that, you’ll suffer from irreparable damage and fatalities.

Should Motocross Pants Be Tight?

When buying pants, leg length, waist size, and knee room are the main factors to put into consideration. A tight pants may result in discomfort while riding. 

If the pants are too loose, it may come in the way, causing a massive distraction while on the trail. Luckily, plenty of options come with varying adjustment features. Select the one that perfectly fits your waist.

Final Thoughts 

If you ever thought you wanted astounding dirt bike woman pants, now you’ve them all. Dirt bike pants are a riding gear yet an investment – in enjoyment, adventure, comfortability, in fun while riding.

Our in-depth review and buyer guide debunk everything you ought to know about pants. Their features, benefits, pros, and cons are now at your fingertips.

Motocross is a no-joke sport that needs you to be well equipped. Although all our top picks are outstanding, Fox Racing 180 Women’s Pants – Fyce outsmarts other pants to a certain degree.

It’s designed with tough materials and heavy-duty structure and will last for years.



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