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Best Motocross Boots Under $300

How To Choose Motocross Boots Under $300 In 2022

Buying good quality motocross boots for under $300 is no easy task at all. On the contrary, it can be quite frustrating. You need to know about the construction, and materials used for the boots. So, picking the right boots when you’re on a budget is very tricky because many companies have hundreds of options…

Best Dirt Bike Tire for Rocky Terrain

How to Pick The Best Dirt Bike Tire For Rocky Terrain 2023

  Are you looking for a good dirt bike tire for rocky terrain that won’t wear after 1-2 rides? Then you came to find out to the right place. To be honest with you every dirt bike tire brand comes with pros and cons. So that’s why we have created this buying guide for you…

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How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire

How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire At Home (Step-By-Step Guide)

Changing a dirt bike tire is a daunting task that most of us avoid. It’s like fighting with a huge angry squid. Biking on a dirt bike can be a costly hobby. Knowing how to change a dirt bike tire can save you money on possible expensive repairs. Just get the right tools and deflate…

Best Dirt Bike Brands

Top Dirt Bike Brands 2022 (Ultimate Guide & Review)

Best Dirt Bikes Brands Dirt biking is increasingly becoming a popular sport for most people. The vast majority nowadays no longer want to watch moto professionals enjoying all this fun alone. Instead, they’re yearning for first-hand riding experience on the bike this time around. From taking high octane jumps to racing around tracks, a dirt…

How Fast Is A 125cc Dirt Bike

How Fast Is A 125cc Dirt Bike? – Detailed Guide

What’s the Top Speed of a 125-cc Dirt Bike? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or some rider that has some experience with dirt bikes, 125-cc dirt bikes are the perfect choice for it. Now you probably wonder what’s the maximum speed 125-cc dirt bikes can get? Well, that depends on a couple of factors such…

Best Dirt Bike Pants For Women 2022 (Ultimate Guide + Top Picks)

Dirt bike riding isn’t a sport for just men; we are seeing women getting into it for adventure and fun. When venturing into it, whether it’s on track or trails, the first thing to figure out is what riding gear to invest in.  Ideally, dirt bike racing involves high speeds. It’s important to choose the…

what is the original color of gas

What Color is Gasoline? (Solved & Explained)

It’s no secret that most automotive enthusiasts use gasoline in their vehicles. If you haven’t, you must have heard the word gasoline mentioned quite often or from time to time. Sadly, the vast majority don’t even know its properties, including color and other features. So, what color is gasoline? And does the color of gasoline matter? Well,…

Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200

5 Dirt Bike Helmets Under $200 (2022 Guide & Review)

A bike helmet is a kind of helmet used by bike riders when they are in action. These helmets are essential to motorcycle riders as they provide safety to the rider’s head in case of an accident. The helmet helps minimize 69 % of head injuries and 42 % risk of death. It is a…