Best Dirt Bike For Beginners (2022 Ultimate Guide & Review)

Bikes are a beloved way to spend a Sunday afternoon. They also come in handy managing stress as a hop on my bike is enough to calm down any fears I might be harboring about something. The only issue comes when you have to ride a bike on a not so conducive road. I’m talking about those roads that resemble a garden more than a road. That’s where a dirt bike comes in. what if you are only starting learning how to ride a bike?

In that case, you will need the best dirt bike for beginners. Such a bike will not only make it easier for you to ride in the dirt, but it will also enable you to learn how to ride a bike faster.

But where do you get such a bike?

We have compiled a list of the best such bikes to make that question easier for you to answer. You can start by reading our guide on the best beginner motorcycle.

Top 6 Beginners Dirt Bikes Are:

SYX MOTO Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon
X Pro-Hawk DLX Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon
Razor MX650 Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon
Coolster Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon
Hawk RPS Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon
Fit Right 2020 Dirt BikeCheck On Amazon


  1. SYX Moto- Kids Beginner Dirt Bike

SYX Moto has one of the most awesome arrays of beginner dirt bikes for kids and adults of all ages. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise to have one on this list. One of the features that make them stand out is the

They are of good quality and can take on most terrains capably, let alone dirt. That’s why I think they would be an excellent option if you are looking for dirt bikes that would make them ideal for beginners.

Engine and Power

The SYX moto dirt bike is a two-stroke engine dirt bike that can pack 50cc of power that should enable you to wade through any dirt. What it lacks in power, it compensates with an easy to navigate design any beginner would appreciate.


The fact it will last you quite some time should have the bike endear itself to you. Although the two stoke power isn’t on such a large scale as most experienced riders wouldn’t want, a beginner would quickly get used to low-scale power.

Value for Money

If you are looking for a bike that will offer you incredible value for your money, this is it. I loved that it had an excellent seat height that would make it ideal for a rider of any size.

Weight Distribution

It also isn’t that heavy and would make navigation easier for a rider, just starting with dirt bikes. This bike’s weight distribution means any beginner won’t struggle to control or navigate dirty roads with it.


  • The speed limiter enables the rider to control it easily
  • The two-stroke engine is relatively powerful but quiet
  • Its excellent size makes it ideal for beginners
  • It comes with easy to install parts


  • The delivery of the bike might cause it to arrive with a few hitches.
  1. X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 -Best 250cc Dirt Bike for Beginners

The X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 won’t come cheap, but you won’t regret its dirt-defying functioning once you purchase it.

Engine Power

The X-Pro Dirt bike boasts a powerful four-stroke 250CC engine that gives it the power to wade through all kinds of dirt. If you are one to relish a splash or two in the dirt, this bike is ideal for you.

I loved the fact it has multiple fuel injection ports.? With the heavy ditty transmission, anyone can use this bike. The transmitter enables you to smooth transition between gears and swift engagement.


Another thing that makes it especially ideal for beginners is the engine killer switch it comes with. This kill-switch works by ensuring you can quickly stop the bike in case of an emergency.

That makes it a better option if you are a beginner. You won’t have to grapple with the effects of losing control of the bike.

With high-quality tires, braking won’t be that difficult with this bike. The 18-fat front and 21 fat rear tires are durable and made to reduce skidding in the dirt while cursing at high speed.

The Brakes

Apart from the tires, the brakes of this bike also make it easier to stop. The brakes are some of the most important features of any bike. Without them and you could find yourself hurtling at potential disaster.

This bike has hydraulic bikes that allow you to halt the bike faster. That further adds to the suitability of the bike for a beginner. Most beginners will have issues controlling the bike and might want to put it to a halt at times.

Handy brakes will come in handy there.


A bike might have so many cool features, but if the features aren’t that convenient, it isn’t much. What do I mean by a dirt bike being convenient? The bike having attributes such as a brake pedal that ensures safe and secure footing and footpegs.

Those are some of the features I Loved in this bike. That is another reason why a person riding it for the first time wouldn’t struggle.


  • The engine kill switch makes it easy to stop in emergencies
  • With the convenience features such as the brake pedal, it is convenient using this bike
  • Hydraulic brakes make it easier to brake
  • It has a powerful four-stroke 250cc engine


  • Its plastic parts are quite fragile and tend to sustain damage faster.
  1. Razor MX650 Dirt- Best Beginner Dirt Bike

Razor is quite a famous brand. I love their bikes for the simplicity as well as the quality. They are some of the most durable bikes on the market if you are looking for a dirt bike for a beginner.


The Razor MX350 dirt bike has twelve-inch pneumatic tires that are at home moving on bikes off-road surfaces. The tires are also one reason they are ideal for a person who is just starting with dirt bikes.

They give the bike the maximum support it needs to navigate muddy or soft dirt roads typical of dirt riding.

Weight Balance

This bike has a proper weight balance and is ideal for a person that weighs up to 100kgs. The balanced weight distribution makes it easier to control and navigate through muddy conditions or on paths with soft dirt.


It comes with a 650W electrical motor that allows you to vary the speed you want. The engine, while powerful, isn’t that noisy, enabling you to ride without having to put up with the noise typical of lawnmower motors.

Unlike the bikes that use fuel to power them, this one runs on a battery that will need you to charge it after every forty minutes. The motor enables the bike to cruise at a speed of 17 miles per hour.


This bike has front and rear disc brakes that make it easier to stop the bike. It might not much up to the X Pro Hawk with an engine kill switch, but the brakes are still effective enough to have you stop the bike when you want to.

That should come in handy averting danger when you find yourself in an unfamiliar seeding situation. The fact you can operate the rear brake with your hands adds to the ease of riding this dirt bike.


  • It has a high-speed, silent 650W motor
  • Hand accessible rear brake makes it easier to control
  • The adjustable handlebars make for convenient operation
  • It is ideal for kids aged 16 and over
  • Assembly of this bike is relatively easy


  • You have to recharge it after every 40 minutes
  1. Coolster Dirt Bike- Best 70cc Dirt Bike

Another bike to consider if you are looking for the ideal bike for a beginner is the Coolster dirt bike.  It is a semiautomatic bike that is easy to control and use on soft dirt and muddy roads.


The Coolster dirt bike runs on a powerful four-stroke 70cc engine that provides silent but capable operation. The engine is easy to start thanks to the CDI starting system. If you want to function better, however, you can add the kickstart engine oil.

The engine of any dirt bike is a crucial component since it tells you whether you will b able to use the bike in dirty conditions or not. This bike’s engine shouldn’t disappoint you if you love a bit of power.

Although a bit on the lower side, the 70cc engine would be perfect for a bike a beginner wants to use.

Maximum Speed

This bike can cover well over 35 miles in just an hour. That is quite commendable ye still safe enough for a person not conversant with riding bikes. The speed is also sufficient for seeding through dirt roads and muddy paths.

The Kickstart makes it easier to start and have it in full gear within a few minutes.


As I had already mentioned, a bike is no good with excellent brakes. This bike comes with wheel force suspension brakes for the rear and front tires. The brakes are strong enough to stop the bike when you want them to.

Good brakes could be the difference between a safe bike ride and a dangerous one.  The rear brake works with the hub brake operation system.

Weight Balance

I love a bike that proper balance that makes it easier to control. This bike, although quite heavy, balances out this weight to ensure it has the ideal balance. It would, however, only accommodate someone that isn’t over 50 kilograms.

The height to seat ratio also makes it quite suitable for beginners. Its minimum ground clearance is 440 millimeters. It is low enough for a kid to mount and unmount with ease.


  • It has a proper balance that makes it ideal for beginners
  • The powerful four-stroke engine enables a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour
  • Hub brake operation makes the brake powerful enough for a beginner
  • It has capable tires ideal for dirty and muddy roads
  • Semiautomatic clutch transmission


  • It isn’t that durable as some parts tend to get damaged fast.
  1. Hawk RPS Dirt Bike

Next on our list of the best dirt bikes for beginners is the Hawk RPS dirt bike. This bike features an excellent exhaust pipe that adds both the stylish look and top performance to this dirt bike.

Five Speed Manual Transmission

With the heavy-duty clutch, you will enjoy five-speed manual transmission from this bike. The easy engagement and smoother shifting between gears should have a beginner well at teas using this bike.

The transmission also makes this bike easier to control, which is a relief for a not-so-experienced rider.


This bike’s front and rear tires offer the best traction you can get from most dirt bikes. That’s because they have a large size that grips the ground comfortably to provide the support one needs on the bike.

With the big wheel, making turns and navigating corners at high speed is easier and less risky. If you are using it on predominantly muddy roads, the tires will properly traction and ensure you enjoy your ride.


It comes with a 250cc engine powerful enough to enable you to ride for longer distances at higher speeds. The drive chain engine also has a four-stroke cooling system that ensures it is optimal for the best results.

The maximum torque of 5500r/ min ensures you can cover more ground thanks to the powerful engine.

Braking System

It comes with a highly efficient hydraulic disc rare brake that ensures you can stop when you want to. The brakes work well in unison with the tires to ensure you have complete control of the bike on dirt roads and paths.

The suspension brakes (both front and rear suspension) mean you ride the bike less afraid of accidents. The engine kill switch should, however, come in handy there if the brakes fail you.

Weight Distribution

A person weighing as much as 310 lbs. can comfortably use this bike without worrying about the weight distribution. It has excellent weight distribution all across the bike, from the handlebars to the rear tire.

Although it is of metal, it still retains some of the lightweight make of most Hawk series of dirt bikes. Therefore, there is little chance of a beginner struggling to adapt how to balance it.


The seat height of 35.4 inches is easier for a person to reach and easier to mount and unmount. It falls seamlessly into the overall size of the bike that is 55 inches.


  • It has the highly efficient hydraulic brake system
  • 250cc powerful engine
  • The four-stroke cooling system enhances the lifespan of the engine
  • The engine kill switch makes it easier to stop


  • Its size might be an issue for small-bodied riders.
  1. Fit Right DB001 Kids Dirt Bike

Closing off our list of the best beginner dirt bikes is the Fit Right kid’s bike. This bike is the ideal option for you if you have kids aged over 13 years who want to learn how to ride a motorbike.


This bike is mostly metal with a rugged clutch and metal tube steel that makes it as sturdy as possible, boosting its safety. The metal, however, doesn’t make it too heavy, and it still retains a lightweight feel that would be ideal for a beginner.


It has a two-stroke 51 cc engine that is quite powerful. It balances the power with speed to ensure it doesn’t become too much for a beginner. The chain drive transmission makes it easy to control thanks to its power and will enable a rider to hit top speeds of over 20 miles per hour.

The engine is also easy to start working with a pull start mechanism. However, you will need to ensure you oil it to the ideal levels to ensure there aren’t any mishaps when riding it. The manual should help you out there.

The fact it is two-stroke means that you won’t have to worry too much about fuel consumption.


This bike has rear and front dual disc brakes that make for effortless stops. The brakes ensure you get to stop them as fast as possible when in an emergency. That means you can drive it full of confidence that you are in control of the bike.

Weight Balance

The Fit Right Bike isn’t that heavy and has a superb balance of weight that doesn’t create any problem for the rider. I had my doubts first but was amazed by the perfect balance I achieved rather effortlessly when I tried it out.

It, therefore, shouldn’t give you too much trouble even if you are a beginner. The steering bar is at an angle of 45 degrees enabling you to hold it in an ideal posture and thus add to your balance.

It can support a maximum user weight of 58 kilograms, and should this be ideal for most kids over 13.


I loved the tires of this bike because of how wide they are. They seem to be able to withstand the vagaries of a trail or motocross track. They are large enough to ensure you can make effortless corners and have excellent traction.


  • Dual disc brakes make it effortless to stop whenever you feel like
  • The weight balance is proportionate and makes it easier to control the bike
  • The two stoke engine is powerful and fuel-efficient
  • The metallic material makes it a relatively durable bike


  • It is quite small, and most adults would have a hard time riding it.

What to consider before choosing the best  dirt bike for beginners

Before you go out looking for the ideal dirt bike, you will need to consider a few things. Granted, things such as the price and the durability of the bike should play an important role in whether you get a bike or not. There are some pertinent issues you should also look at to get the best bike.

Let’s look at the things you need to consider before buying the best dirt bike for beginners.

  1. The Type of Riding

This should be at the top of your mind before purchasing a bike. Yes, you want a bike, but where do you want to ride it? Is it for motorcars or only for outdoor riding? You might wonder what the difference between the two is.

Well, in motocross riding, the dirt variables are set for the competition. That means you won’t have to ride through excessive amounts of dirt. In effect, such bikes will have smaller wheels and tires than their counterparts that you ride on highways and trails.

Trail riding is where you ride on indiscriminate places from highways to tracks or trails. If you are getting a bike for such riding, you will have to get one with large wheels. Larger wheels will easily withstand the more significant obstacles that are on these paths.

That, however, doesn’t in any way mean you can’t ride a motocross bike on the regular trail and vice versa. No. that shouldn’t stop you from getting a bike you want and have it work for you on multiple surfaces.

The difference between the two should point you in the right direction when looking for a bike if you are a beginner. It will be up to you to decide which one to go for, though.

  1. The Weight and Size of The Bike

It might seem like a trivial matter, but you should consider the size of the bike before buying it.  A heavy bike would give you too much trouble navigating corners or controlling it.

While most bikes will be quite heavy, you should get one that is as light as possible. A lightweight bike has a good balance of weight, and it doesn’t give you too many problems lifting off the ground.

The bike’s weight also comes in handy when looking for the maximum user weight it can support. While beginners, no matter their age, can use almost any bike, they have to be within a specific weight range to ft on some bikes.

Some bikes, for instance, can only support a person that is up to 50kg in weight. Therefore, you will need to look out for this since you don’t want to get a bike that you are too heavy for.

The bigger the bike, the harder it will be for you to control it. The size will matter a lot if you are buying it for kids. Kids wouldn’t feel comfortable riding an oversized bike fit for a grown man, so you need to ensure you look at the size.

Fortunately, our list contains some options you can consider if you are looking for lightweight bikes for kids. If they are beginners, a lighter bike will be better for them than the heavier bikes that are hard to balance.

  1. Your Budget

Bikes are pretty expensive. The amount you decide to spend on any of them should be after careful consideration of your budget. That means you are weighing the quality and the features and see if they are proportional to the cost of the bike.

Expensive bikes can be worth every penny you invest in them. You should, however, not always go for costly bikes if you can get one at a reasonable price. You can get some good deals on beginner bikes if you look hard enough.

That isn’t to say that you should go only for cheap bikes. Cheap at times is expensive as you get to miss out on some crucial features that make a bike cool. It all boils down to the money you have at your disposal.

  1. The Engine

A bike’s engine will determine many things, from how fast you can ride it and the ease of use. If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t need an overly powerful engine in a bike. Remember, a beginner isn’t just a kid learning how to ride a bike, as it could also imply an adult.

For most beginners, an engine of 50cc to 300cc should be fine for you to begin riding on. However, if you can afford a bike with a more powerful engine, then, by all means, go for it.

You will also have to decide between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine. Two strokes, while cheaper, will have a lower threshold for the speed than their four-stroke engine counterparts.

Four-stroke engines also save on fuel due to better combustion than in the two-stroke engine. You will therefore have to decide on whether to go for a four-stroke or two-stroke engine.

  1. Secondhand or New?

When I wanted to buy my first car, I figured that since I was learning and couldn’t afford a high-end car, I should just get a used one. The same applies to bikes, especially if you are buying them to use for the first time.

Beginners will typically crash the bikes several times before learning how to ride the well. Yes, there might be fast learners, but the point isn’t that if you are going to be riding it for the first time with zero experience, then it’s ideal to go for a used bike.

Here’s why I think such bikes are the best option. Firstly, they will be quite cheap and will save you a lot of money you would use for other things. Secondly, you won’t feel that much of a loss if you cash it while learning how to ride it, right?

A new one would have its advantages. You probably wouldn’t have to regularly repair it or tweak some parts, although it would be harder for you to find. I could also last you quite some time if you maintained it properly.

Therefore, it would be good to decide whether to go for a used bike or a new one.

  1. Braking System

The brakes are a crucial part of the dirt bike, and as such, they should be faultless when buying a bike. It is very dangerous to have faulty brakes on a bike. That could spell unwanted consequences for you or any other rider.

The best way to know if the brakes are working fine is to test them before using the bike. That will also mean that you have to get a bike with as sophisticated a brake system as possible.

When it comes to brakes, you shouldn’t take any chances.

Important Points to Remember When Buying a Dirt Bike

  • It would be best if you tested the bike before taking it home. That is if you are buying at a store near you. Although buying online is convenient, you don’t get the chance to inspect the bike before delivery to you.
  • Go for a bike that has durable material. Most bikes are metallic, but some might have a few metallic parts that lose some of their longevity. That is why you need to consider the durability of the bike before buying it.
  • When going for a dirt bike for beginners, disregard the age because not all beginners are young. A beginner could be 40 years old or a 10-year-old. There are, therefore, no age-specific bikes. As long as a bike can support your weight and is the right size, then it’s good to go.


I hope my list of the best dirt bike for beginners helps you make a faster decision on which one to go for. I have specifically tested the bikes on this list, and as such, you can trust my opinion of them.

Remember to consider some of the features I have listed in the buying guide to ensure you get the best possible deal for yourself. Don’t focus too much on your age since a beginner can be of any age.

I didn’t know how to ride a bike until way later when I was an adult, and it now is one of my favorite pastimes. So, you too can do it if you are ready to put in the effort. But before that, get yourself a good beginner bike.

Good luck.


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