Best Dirt Bike Paddle Tire 2022 (Ultimate Guide + Review Of Top Picks)

Are you a desert rider? Or maybe you’re not but you want to try how does it feel to be riding in the desert with your dirt bike. Well in both cases if you love riding in the sand, or just want to try out how does it feel to be riding in the sand, the truth is you will need a paddle tire for your dirt bike. If you ask yourself why use paddle tires instead of knobby ones?

Because paddle tires work by releasing air. When air is let out the tires run between eight and twelve psi. Then due to a decrease in pressure, the tires are flattened, and so traction between the ground and the tires increases, and the designs gain floatation and you will be able to glide through the sand much faster.

Since there are many companies in tire manufacturing, we created this buying guide for you, so that you can choose your paddle tire much easier for your desert adventure.

Top 4 Best Dirt Bike Paddle Tires are:

CST Surge PCheck On Amazon
Sedona DunatikCheck On Amazon
AMS Sand SnakeCheck On Amazon
VEE RubberCheck On Amazon



CST or Cheng Shin Tire is the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world, but also offers a wide range of categories of tires and tubes, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, autos, forklifts, agricultural, lawn, and garden equipment.

When it comes to the tires that CST makes nothing beats them when it comes to durability. Their tires last long because of the quality materials that CST uses to make them.

The CST Surge P tire is built for dine-shredding enthusiasts and casual day-trippers. The tire has eight sand slinging, cupped paddles that cross the entire section width. Also, to mention this tire works phenomenally well on off-grid surfaces while also gliding comfortably in the desert terrain. The CST Surge P has a special long-lasting compound that gives riders reduced weight and cool riding temps.



  • Can be used on off-road races as well as in the sand
  • Very durable, CST used quality materials to make this tire


  • There are doubts about the quality of the tire

Sedona Dunatik Paddle Tire

Established in 2006 Sedona Tires & Wheel was born to fill in the demand for tires that came with the evolving technology like more horsepower, larger engines, more suspension in today’s dirt bikes and ATVs.

When you check the design of the Sedona Dunatik paddle tire on the upper surface it has a couple of convexities, to improve traction on the sandy terrain.

This tire comes with both eight and ten paddles, depends on the size, so 110/100-18 comes with eight paddles, while 119/90 comes with ten paddles.

Another thing to mention about the Sedona Dunatik is that its lightweight tire. It’s made of nylon instead of rubber which offers serious sand performance.



  • Very affordable
  • Made of lightweight nylon


  • There are some complaints about the quality of the designs

AMS Sand Snake

If you’ve never heard of AMS Tires, nothing to worry, because these guys are relatively new to the tire making game. AMS Tires is producing a wide range of tires that are going to have legendary performance, and you guys are going to love them when it comes to the price point for such performance.

AMS Sand Snake has specially designed paddles that increase straight-line traction and stability. This tire gives really good traction and max pulling power due to the paddles that wrap around the shoulder. AMS Sand Snake MX is available in six, eight, and ten paddle versions.


  • Specially designed paddles that increase stability and straight-line traction
  • Available in six, eight and ten paddle versions


  • There are some complaints about the quality of the tire

Vee Rubber

Vee Rubber was formed in 1977 in Thailand, as a manufacturer of motorcycle and bicycle tires and tubes. The company quickly grew and spread throughout Asia, Western Europe, the USA, Canada. Also today the company supplies several Japanese motorcycle manufacturers for OEM and replacement sales.

When riding through the desert, the eight paddles are designed to give more traction and roost and also are doing an excellent job holding on to the sand, which makes the tires rolling as fast as possible.

Vee rubber paddle tire has a specially developed compound tread that is made of unique and strong materials that provide longer life.



  • Lightweight tire built to last
  • Eight paddles attached to the tire which improves traction in sandy terrain
  • A powerful tire that can ride through sand fast


  • More expensive compared to other models


What to look for when choosing the best dirt bike paddle tire:

If you want to ride in the sand or mud then hands down paddle tires are a must. Some of you reading this may say to themselves but why not use knobby tire? Well, it’s because sand can easily get stuck between the tires or the mechanics of the dirt bike. That’s why paddle tires come into play. Here we share some tips you might find useful when choosing your pair of paddle tires.


Traction means for the paddle tire the ability to move around the sand just like normal ground.


As in the knobby tire designs, durability is very important in paddle tires as well, so that they have the strength to resist any impact.


If you read the entire review and came to this point of it, big thanks for it. I appreciate it a lot.

For last, I’d like to conclude is that it’s much wiser to buy a premium model that will last you longer.

After testing these paddle tires we came to find out that the Vee Rubber paddle tire was the best tire for the desert.



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